usa | part two : chicago, illinois

Catching up after eleventy million years (well, nearly two -_-)!

These were taken on our (too) quick two-night stay in Chicago. We walked around the city, took a trip to the top of the John Hancock center, and tried some Chicago style dawgs and deep dish pizza. Although it was only a taste, we found it a great place, with such friendly people. Would love to return for a longer stay one day.


usa | part one : monterey, california

Back in November, we were lucky enough to return to America for a few weeks.

Jon attended a three-day conference first up in Monterey, so I got to enjoy a few days just relaxing and walking around with my old Pentax, watching the birds, seals and water. Nice.



A few shots from a recent trip up. So darn beautiful in Autumn.


film walk

Wandering 'round town, catching the last of the light.


shade, sun, beach

Looking for interesting shapes.